PART 1  -  Clutter Busting - 3 tips to get started            

As an interior designer I am frequently asked to do colour consultations. However, often people who wish to refresh their homes with a lick of paint, need to declutter first to make their painting job easier. Decluttering can be overwhelming to many people. Here is what I recommend.

1. Preparation 

Dorothee Becker - 1969   

Dorothee Becker - 1969


  • Be rested and fed. You will make better decisions.
  • Decide which room or space to declutter. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of boxes, garbage bags, glass containers on hand to sort your items. Label your boxes. Designated boxes, containers mean you only handle items once.
  • Have tools handy. A hammer, screw drivers, tape, scissors, markers and such come in handy.
  • Keep cleaning items at hand: cloths, paper towels, cleaning solutions.Put on some upbeat music and get going 

2. Start Small

In general it takes about a full day to declutter the average size room. What if you have only a few minutes or an hour? Start small! A kitchen drawer can be done in under 15 minutes. A pantry can be done in an hour or less. You can make it your goal that one week you declutter your kitchen, one cabinet at a time. The next week you can work on the bathrooms. After a month your house will be ready for the refresh!  

3. Letting Go

I hear this all the time: it is so hard to get rid of stuff for all sorts of reasons: memories, expenses, the ‘I might need it’ syndrome. If you are afraid to loose the memories take an image of the time and store it on your computer.

VT Wonen 

VT Wonen 

Stuff clutters not only our homes, but also our minds. I find it difficult to work when my office and in particular my desk is messy. If I want to make room for something new in my life, I make room for it by letting go of something old.

Many professionals recommend the 2-year rule: if it has not been used in 2 years, get rid of it. This may not work for everyone. I like to purchase good quality clothes that last longer than two years and I wear them on and off over a period of 3-4 years. Damaged clothes I dispose of. Ill-fitting items I keep out of the landfills by donating them so others may benefit from them.

Celebrate when done! Stay tuned for Part II - Selecting Paint Colours