Design Styles

Choose from four design styles. Each style is available in a warm or cool colour scheme. Below are four examples of styles we offer. You can view our current styles during our initial on-site consultation and once you have decided to sign on with us.    



New Romantic 

Also called traditional or classic this is a timeless design with quality craftmanship and traditional styling.  Period details, luxurious material and rich colours create an elegant, formal atmosphere.

  • glazed finishes, weathered and distressed paints, and rich stain colours
  • colour variations between perimeter cabinetry, upper and lower cabinets and islands
  • elaborate mouldings with rich period detailing
  • ornamental door pulls and handles
  • corbels, brackets and richly detailed accessories
  • 'old-fashioned' looking faucets


Uptown Chic

This is our eclectic style. It is a very popular look mixing several styles:  old and new together create a vibrant, layered look that varies from room to room.  An orchestra of colour, textures, rich patterns provide a unique, individual style. Eclectic design incorporates traditional elements with more contemporary ones. Kitchens have clean lines, mixed with some bead-boarding, turned legs for islands.  A very individual style!

  • cabinetry is stained or painted or a combination of both
  • cabinets have cleaner lines with fewer details in general
  • mouldings have cleaner lines
  • cabinet door panels are less elaborate with fewer panel mouldings
  • door pulls are mostly chrome or brushed nickel
  • millwork details are fewer in number in general


Contemporary - Modern

Contemporary design, also called Modern design is spacious, angular and geometric.  This look is also referred to as sculpted. Simple, yet refined this style's colour schemes are typically used for their effect rather than coordination.

  • monochromatic in colour 
  • appliances are built-in
  • contrasting countertop colours
  • slab-front cabinet doors with full-frame overlay
  • cabinets balanced by shelves or open uppers; long metal or stainless steel door hardware


Clean and streamlined, the style represents refuge from excess and opulence.  The minimalist look is all about restraint and clutter free.  A response to increasingly commercial and consumerist lifestyles, this style uses space as a design element.  It is often described as "less is more" or "doing more with less" .


  • few colours and always in moderation
  • mouldings are sparsely used or not at all, often integrated within wall structures
  • bare walls, built-in closets and cabinetry
  • the structure of the space becomes the design
  • often seamlessly connected to the outdoors
  • linear design & installation
  • built-in appliances; face of appliances integrated into cabinet millwork
  • sleek, streamlined cabinetry often with a glossy finish
  • integrated cabinet hardware