The preselected packages are great for renovating your kitchen, bathroom, master ensuite and powder room.  Each package is called a Room Package. The packages are available in four Design Styles and two Action Plans.  


STEP 1 - Choose the space that you want to renovate

Once you know which spaces you want to give a fresh look, select a Room Package from the following options. Each Room Package is a combination of drawings, virtual materials board and specifications. The materials board shows all the possible materials to be used. The specifications tell you where to purchase them. Telephone and on-site consultations are included. The Packages are available for:  



STEP 2 - Select your favourite Design Style

We offer four Design Styles in two colour schemes - warm or cool tones.  For each of these styles, we offer combinations of floor and wall tiles, accent tiles, counter top options, back splashes, and more.  Each style and colour scheme comes with cabinetry and vanity options, plumbing fixtures, such as sinks, tubs, toilets, and faucets. They also include paint colours, light fixtures, mouldings, door knobs, and towel rods, as well as appliance options (cook tops, fridges etc) for kitchens. Your choice of Design Style is reflected in the materials board and specifications received in the Room Package,

In short, this is everything you need, pre-selected to coordinate together for the look you desire. Choose from the following styles:

  • NEW ROMANTIC - Traditional/Classic
  • UPTOWN CHIC - Eclectic
  • ZEN - Minimalist


    STEP 3 - Select your Action Plan: 

    • DO IT YOURSELF PLAN - use your own contractor  

    If you are comfortable tackling a renovation by yourself or using a contractor you like to work with, but you need guidance with the design details of your space, our Room Packages can be used as a Do-It-Yourself Plan. Everything you need to complete your project is provided! You will also receive a 3D image so you can see what your space could look like. In short, you will receive drawings and specifications, complete with information Where to purchase all the necessary materials. You or your trades are ready to go!

    • WE DO IT FOR YOU PLAN - we manage the renovation for you

    This Action Plan includes design plus renovation services.  We basically do all the work.  We design the look and manage the project with your input. We hire and oversee the contractor and trades, which are bonded and registered with the Better Business Bureau.  You also receive a budget so you know the costs of your renovation up front.  This is a truly straightforward option, which also allows us to pass along our discounts from retailers, wholesalers and contractor services.


    Sounds good?  Lets get started.